Lina Pantalone


Patience, kindness, love, and understanding the abilities of each student is all what it takes to be a good qualified teacher. Cathy is gifted with all these qualities. We were so lucky in Shanghai to have met her five years ago. The luck is still on our side as we get to have her tutoring my daughter via Skype after being graduated. My daughter loves her so much thus adding to her love to the language. She's a passionate experienced encouraging teacher with an unresisting attractive persona. I wish more teachers are like Cathy to coach our kids raising the bar in their education. 

Wei Wei Chan


My daughter Emily was 3 yrs old when she started lessons with Cathy. It was important for us that she learns Mandarin given our background of being Malaysian Chinese. Cathy went to Emily's daycare twice a week. She is very professional and understands children and how they learn, making a big effort to engage and teach through play. Emily absolutely loves Miss Cathy and would look forward to lessons with her. If we hadn't relocated away from Brisbane we would still be with her. It has been half a year now since we last saw Cathy but Emily still talks about her and every so often when she comes across something familiar will say "I know that! Miss Cathy taught me that!".

Ian Mason

Event & Hospitality Teacher

Cathy is amazing! I am so sorry that I didn't find her earlier. She is so patient, encouraging, supportive and understanding. Every lesson is different and she finds new ways to challenge us. Don't think twice...if you are even vaguely thinking of learning Chinese, call Cathy at Chinese Classroom. It is money well invested!

Ashley Wall

School Teacher

Having moved to Brisbane after living in Shanghai for eleven years I was very eager to continue my study of Chinese language. My two daughters and I have been studying with Cathy for two years . My eldest daughter attended local Chinese school in China and is very eager to maintain her level of fluency. I feel in love with the culture and people of China and want to continue to learn to read and write Chinese. My youngest daughter loves the fun ways that Cathy presents her lessons. Cathy is able to cater to our diverse levels of Chinese as well as our various reasons for studying the language. We all look forward to our lessons. Cathy is knowledgeable, professional, as well as kind and patient. She is always very supportive and offers honest positive feedback. Cathy encourages her students to reach their goals and she has the skills to make those goals a reality.

Carl Peters


I've been learning Mandarin with Cathy for over two years with three classes most weeks. Cathy has kept the lessons varied and interesting throughout this time. At times when motivation has waned, Cathy has helped me stay on track and maintain regular lessons which I think is key to success in the long term. She also has been very accommodating and helpful in adjusting the program to suit me when business travel etc requires. I can highly recommend her to others and in particular to business people such as myself looking for a first class and reliable Mandarin tutor.

Siobhan Muller

University Student

I started my tutoring sessions with Cathy as a way to help improve my speaking and listening comprehension for university, as Chinese is one of my majors. Cathy was very adept at recognising my strengths in writing and reading, and was aware almost immediately I had the knowledge but not the confidence to convert this to speaking. Over the course of a year I was communicating effectively and can confidently say my grades improved as a result of Cathy's diligence. She is patient with you and caters lessons to individual circumstances. Overall, I am grateful for Cathy and her effort and recommend her to anyone looking to advance their Chinese language skills. 谢谢!


HR Manager

I have been learning Chinese with Cathy for around a year. Cathy is very professional, well organised and an excellent teacher. She is very good at adapting content and materials to be relevant to my needs at work. I would recommend Cathy to anyone wanting to learn Chinese, either for work, travel etc.

Jeronia Muntaner


I have lived in China many years and over the years had many teachers but few like Yang laoshi. Her teaching style, the time she takes to prepare each individual lesson, as well as her high expectations for her students, makes her the best I had.